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Kacey was born in Chicago, Illinois and from a very young age she loved entertaining her family and friends and wanted to pursue her dreams of being on a TV show.  When Kacey turned 8 her family moved to Los Angeles, California. Kacey’s acting career started in 2013 with multiple short films and commercials to follow.  You could see Kacey in commercials for Dodge Journey, Mattel, Petsmart, On-Cor and more.  Kacey also appeared in TV shows:  “React to that” and “Game Shakers” on Nickelodeon, Dreamworks TV and Oxygen.  Kacey was nominated by Young Artist Awards for her roles in “Clique Wars” and “Lemonade Wars” and by Young Entertainer Awards for her performances in music videos  for her original songs, "Listen to The Silence" and "We Are The Stars".  Kacey is also a series regular on “Teens React” and “React” videos on YouTube watched by millions of viewers.  She has been a part of the show since she was 8 years old.


Kacey started her singing lessons when she was 10 years old and soon after she has released her first original single “When I Grow Up”.  Since then she has released more than a dozen original singles, including “Hear Me Out” about youth empowerment and kindness.  The music video for “Hear Me Out” was selected and awarded by multiple festivals, including indie festival Dances with Films.  Kacey has been awarded a New Artist Revelation award by American Tracks Music Awards. Kacey writes her own lyrics and works with a Grammy shortlisted music producer, Ricardo Padua and American Idol finalist, Robbie Rosen.

Kacey’s most recent singles include "Last Breath", Confidential", "Bring Me Down" and "We are The Stars".  Latest single "Last Breath“ has received great reviews by multiple publications.  "Bring Me Down" was remixed by a Grammy winning producer, Stonebridge.  "Keep Summer Going” was played on over 65 radio stations throughout the world.  Kacey’s single “Won’t give up” is encouraging and inspiring.  It’s about not giving up on your dreams and passions no matter what obstacles one faces.  In today’s world, it is important to be kind and strong and follow the right path despite the negative influences.


Kacey participates regularly in humanitarian issues and gives back by working with multiple charities and organizations. This past spring, Kacey took part in Students of the Year, a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, hoping to make a difference in finding a cure for cancer and is now continuing to work with them as an ambassador. She is a part of the Youth Leadership Council for Farm Sanctuary and leads the Children's Hospital Aid Club affiliated with St Jude's Hospital.  Kacey is also a part of FFAC (Factory Farming Awareness Coalition), which advocates for sustainable food systems, free from factory farming.

In addition, Kacey is the co-founder of a non-profit organization aimed at providing free tutoring and STEAM workshops in hopes of increasing educational equity.

When not busy, she loves hanging out with friends or play with her rescue cats, Tigger, Brina, Felix and Toby.  Kacey also films and edits her own videos for Kacey Fifield Variety on YouTube. She loves running, swimming, playing guitar and charity work.